Face Cover - Cleansmart
Face Cover - Cleansmart
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Face Cover

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Face Cover Pack of 50

The Face Cover is comfortable, disposable and great for practising healthy habits every day. 3-layer protection with elasticated ear loops which stretch around your ears for the perfect fit. 

Limited Stock Available

3-Layer Protection

Outer Layer: sanitary-grade polypropylene adhesive proof cloth to block out droplets and moisture.

Middle Layer: high-efficiency filter melt spray cloth that acts as a filter layer.

Innermost Layer: soft fabric and absorbs moisture.

Masks ultimately prevent bodily fluids that may help contain viruses from escaping via the nose and mouth as well as protect against splashes and sprays from others, such as sneezes and coughs.

These disposable face masks are 3 ply and light-weight and come fitted with two elastic straps to place around the ears for a comfortable fit.

This mask if worn properly over the nose and mouth area will help protect and offer better hygiene conditions. These masks allow you to breathe and speak normally and will not impair your vision.


Clean your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water, then dry.

  1.  First spread out the mask and hang it on both sides of the ears
  2.  Fix the bridge of the nose according to the shape of the face.
  3. Pull the mask down to cover the lower jaw.