Frequently Asked Questions

What is urineFREE

urineFREE eats up the non-soluble uric acid responsible for the smell, when other products just mask it.

Whether old or new stains, soft or hard surfaces, urineFREE will take care of the stain.

Will I get charged for Stain Work

Is urineFREE safe

Formulated with non-toxic & eco-friendly ingredients only, our water-based products are not only safe to use around your family & pets, they also respect our planet and are septic tank safe.

Is urineFREE Eco-friendly

Yes our products are eco-friendly and contain no toxic ingredients. It is the first criteria we have as a family owned business when developing our products. They must be safe to use around kids and animals, and for our planet.

What is Odarid

Odarid is designed to smash Cat, Dog & Human urine components in 30 seconds without damaging carpet or furnishings. Simply douse the affected area and walk away. Odarid does all the rest while you relax. The Odarid will foam on contact with old urine if you haven't used any other product on the area first. The foaming is the reaction to bacteria formed on the urine. This makes it real handy for finding the offending area. If it doesn't foam don't panic as it still works.
The product is an excellent cleaner also and is gentle to use. No dilution required.

What can I use Odarid on

Odarid can be used on carpet, mattresses, concrete inside and outside, wooden floors, grout, bedding, curtains, walls, around toilets, patios, artificial grass, furniture, clothing, hedges/garden, wood and even your favourite golf shoes!

What is BackyardFRESH

When it comes to treating urine odours in your backyard, it is not always necessary to make sure the urine deposit is removed entirely because many pets will frequently visit your garden beds, synthetic grass or their favourite spot. Permanently removing urine deposits on these areas on a continuous basis could be a costly exercise!

BackyardFRESH is not a urine remover, it is a high performance, safe odour control solution. It’s a great cost effective alternative to our urine remover urineFREE when treating urine odours outside on commonly used areas. 

What can I use BackyardFRESH on

BackyardFRESH can be used on synthetic grass, cages, bedding and litter boxes, garden furniture, cars, boats, garbage bins, for ongoing maintenance.
Should I use BackyardFRESH or urineFREE outside

We recommend using urineFREE outside. When treating urine odours & stains on balconies, wood work or garden furniture and anywhere you want to permanently remove the urine odour & stain.

BackyardFRESH can be used on synthetic grass, cages, bedding and litter boxes, garden furniture, cars, boats, garbage bins, for ongoing maintenance.

Can I use Both products outside

If you are treating an area that is frequently visited by your pet such as synthetic grass, a combination of both products will be the most cost effective solution.

We recommend that BackyardFRESH be used in conjunction with urineFREE, in between urineFREE treatments for affordable long term relief of urine odours & urine deposit build ups underneath your synthetic grass.