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Artificial Grass Cleaner Concentrate

Artificial Grass Cleaner Concentrate

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Artificial Grass Cleaner Concentrate- Makes 5 Litres

Introducing our Artificial Grass Cleaner concentrate, which comes in a convenient 750ml pouch and is capable of making 5 litres of solution. This powerful energy-based probiotic urine remover contains live but friendly bacteria that effectively break down uric acid present in your synthetic turf.Β 

Are you tired of dealing with unpleasant urine odours in your backyard? Say goodbye to the smelly backyard and opt for our Artificial Grass Cleaner to effectively remove any lingering odours caused by urine.

Hot Tip: Reuse your empty 5-litre containers repeatedly with these easy-to-use pouches. Simply add the pouch to your container or sprayer and add 5 Litres of water. It is that easy to use.


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