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Find cat and dog urine with our Black Light 

Our small but powerful Black Light from Cleansmart is ideal for finding those awful cat pee odours. It is best used when the room is dark, as any urine will be illuminated white. 

The sources of urine odours and stains are often complicated to locate. Most urine stains are invisible to the naked eye but not to the nose.

Do you know when you get home after a long, hot day, only to smell the stench of cat urine throughout your property? Cat 

urine is most times left unnoticed until it becomes a significant problem.

Cats usually mark their territory outside the litter box and in the corners of your property. Remember the walls close to the carpet as well.

The Black Torch will find all the hidden stains you can smell but can't see. It is mighty. Don't let those awful odours get to you any longer. Get your Blacklight today and get rid of those dreadful odours


  1. Start with the bathroom to see the urine stain under the urine detector.
  2. Darken the bathroom as much as possible.
  3. Check first around the base of the toilet bowl. Stains will always appear even if clean because ordinary cleaners do not remove crystals.
  4. Now you're familiar with the stain, inspect other areas of the house you suspect may be affected by urine stains and odours.

To Insert Batteries: 

  1. Unscrew the end with the strap attached.
  2. Let the battery case fall out of the main shell.
  3. Insert 3 x AAA batteries (on the end of the case, you will see either a + or – sign indicating which way each battery should be inserted.
  4. Slide the battery case back inside the main shell (on the side of the battery case, you will see arrows to show you which way the shell should be inserted.
  5. Screw the end back on and click the button near the strap.

Three AAA Batteries are included: