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Black Light 51 LED | Cleansmart

Black Light 51 LED | Cleansmart

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Powerful 51 LED Black Light  


The 51 LED Black Light is our most powerful tool for detecting disguised cat urine odours. Keep the room dark, and watch as any urine stains will be highlighted white. Urine stains often go unseen to the naked eye but not to the nose. Have you gone home after a long day to the tell-tale scent of cat urine? Cats tend to mark their territory outside of the litter box and even on walls and carpets. The Black Torch will detect all traces of hidden odours in your property. With its powerful 51 LED capabilities, you won't have to tolerate stench anymore. Get yours today!



  1. Start with the bathroom to see the urine stain under the urine detector.
  2. Darken the bathroom as much as possible.
  3. Check first around the base of the toilet bowl. Stains will always appear even if they are clean because ordinary cleaners do not remove crystals.
  4. Now you’re familiar with the stain, inspect other areas of the house you suspect may be affected by urine stains and odours.


     3 x NEW-AA Standard  Batteries 

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