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Last Resort Stain Remover

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Urine Stain Remover Last Resort

What product do professional carpet cleaners use for animal urine stains?

They use the "Last Resort" carpet Stain Remover designed to remove the yellowing caused by animal urine and browning caused by watermarks in carpets.

   Here are 4 reasons you should buy Last Resort Carpet Stain Remover 

  • Last Resort is used by professional carpet cleaners  and you can now enjoy their insider secret

  • It is the most economical stain remover around (Makes 5 litres) and will give you maximum savings over the years to come
  • Last Resort is easy to use, simply mix with hot water and gently mist onto the carpet stain.

  • Last Resort is specifically designed for urine and watermark stains


Our customers are also saying that it has worked on hair dye, coffee, tea, vomit, cordial, and assorted other stains.

This is the product the professionals use when supermarket products go wrong!!

Supplied in powder form (250 grams) it mixes with hot water to form 5 litres of very powerful and very economical stain remover and it works!!.


Mix 1 teaspoon with 125 ml of hot water and gently mist it onto the carpet. The stain will disappear before your eyes

Dries odourless if used as directed. (Gentle mist)

Note: If you have applied other cleaners first the Last Resort may not work as well as it should as you could have made the stain permanent.

As with all cleaners - we recommend that you spot-test first.