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How to I use urineFREE

Instructions on using urineFREE

If your pet has had a little accident on your favourite rug or throughout the carpet in your house, you don’t have to live with the lingering smell of urine for ever: urineFREE can help to get you rid of it permanently.

Prior to application

Do not use regular detergents

If you have used another chemical or detergent based product to try to remove the urine before urineFREE, these chemicals may have removed the soluble urea and urochrome components of urine but have no impact on the non-soluble uric acid crystals. These detergents also coat or encapsulate the uric acid crystals making it difficult for urineFREE to penetrate. 

Check for colourfastness

Check for colourfastness on a small area before treating new surfaces.

Often urine stains will become darker and the urine odour stronger on the first treatment. This is common. Repeat treatments until the odour vanishes and the colour lightens. 

Remove all other cleaning products

It is recommended that all other chemical and detergent based products are removed to maximise the effectiveness and results with urineFREE.

If other products have been used prior to urineFREE, sponge out as much of the previous products as possible with clean water, air dry and then apply urineFREE.

Find old stains with the detector

Sometimes old urine stains are invisible to the eye, but not to the nose! 

The urineFREE Urine Detector includes a light which is designed to detect the protein in urine. Dried urine stains will fluoresce in a darkened room, making it easy to find the area of the surface or fabric with the urine stain and remove the urine odour.

      1. Keep calm and read the ‚ÄúPrior to application‚ÄĚ instructions to ensure your surface is prepared as best possible.
      2.  Make sure you have enough product to do the job. If the urine stain is made by an animal and it has repeatedly returned to the same spot, there could be a large accumulation of urine. urineFREE must come into contact with all the urine to do its job. Ensure padding and sub-surfaces are soaked with urineFREE where affected. Different surfaces may require more or less product depending on porousness or absorbency rate.
      3. urineFREE is not a spray and wipe product and requires dwell time to do its job. Allow the area to stay wet with urineFREE as long as possible. Plastic wrap may assist where high evaporation is occurring, for example where hot sun is shining through a window onto an affected area. 
      4. Repeat applications may be necessary, especially on older urine stains. The sniff test will tell you when you’re done! Occasionally, a stain may intensify during the treating process. This indicates urine rising to the surface. It will disappear with repeat treatments.

Get rid of the urine smell AND the stain for good


How to remove urine from carpets.

If the stains are concentrated, take a bowl of water, a clean cloth
and sponge out as much of these products as possible.
If the stains are widely spread you may need to use a wet/dry vacuum to extract these products.
Once the carpet is dry, apply urineFREE to the affected areas as directed.

Our tips to get the best results

We recommend a different course of action depending on whether the urine stains are old or new.

Read the general guidelines on this page and make sure to also check the step by step process for new or old urine stains.

  • If the stains are concentrated then you can take a bowl of water, a clean cloth and sponge out as much of these products as possible.
  • If the stains are widely spread you may need to use a wet/dry vacuum to extract these products.
  • Once the carpet is dry then apply¬†urineFREE¬†to the affected areas as directed.
  • Often urine has seeped as far as the underlay & floorboards. If you can lift the carpet and treat the back of the carpet, the underlay and the subfloor this would be speed up the remediation process. If you can‚Äôt lift the carpet, you need to bleed the urine to the surface and this takes time, persistence and enough product. ¬†After every treatment remove the sticky residue with a damp cloth. This residue is a by-product of the bio-remediation process.

Remove the stain before shampooing or professionally cleaning your carpet

Shampooing or professional carpet cleaning a urine stain can cause the urine to liquefy and spread 3-4 times its normal size. Worse, if someone walks on a damp shampooed carpet they can also spread the urine all over the house.

A urine stain must be removed before the carpet is shampooed and only a high quality bio enzymatic formulated product like¬†urineFREE¬†will remove the urine stain & the urine odour completely. Unlike conventional cleaners,¬†urineFREE¬†is specifically formulated to ‚Äúeat up‚ÄĚ the uric acid crystals whilst removing the urea and urochrome components, eliminating both the urine stain AND the urine odour for good.

Why is the stain becoming larger, darker and the odour stronger?

Often stains may become larger,¬†darker and the odour stronger¬†when they rise to the surface ‚Äď this is common. This is the urine in the sublayers¬†rising to the surface for further treatment and removal. These¬†stains can take two to three treatments with¬†urineFREE¬†and you will see the stains become lighter and smaller¬†upon further treatments until they eventually disappear. The sniff test for urine odour is the best way to double check the urine has gone as even if you can‚Äôt see it there may still be urine lingering. This is when¬†you know you have got all the urine.¬†

Burn marks on carpet

Old urine stains that have not been removed or not removed correctly will have greater exposure to the urine and the acidity of the uric acid crystals. Unfortunately in some carpets & rugs, especially wool blends, the uric acid crystals can cause burn marks that look like a stain but have actually discoloured the carpet/rug. Please note this is irreversible. urineFREE will remove the urine and in turn the urine smell but it can not remove burn marks. The same applies with urine burn marks on wood floors however unlike wood floors where you can sand back and return the wood the its original state, carpets do not have this option. This is why we encourage removing urine as soon as possible for all surfaces and using only a bio-enzymatic product such as urineFREE will remove the urine for good.